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Sound off for July 8
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It never fails: Every time I go to church, they mention Malachi and tell us we shouldn’t forget him. But Malachi doesn’t tell us that we should give our money to the leader of the house of God in order for him to have a Mercedes and the rest of us to walk or ride the bus that he sends to pick us up.

To the caller with the $300 water bill in Walthourville: If you call them, they can re-read your meter, or you can check your house for a leak. You might need a plumber, so that’s out of pocket — it’s not the city’s responsibility if you have a water leak at your house. And finally, if you have a sprinkler system in the house and it’s connected to the city water, you’re going to have a $300 water bill.

I’m so glad the school changed the policy about the cell phones. Now my daughter won’t have to sneak her phone, because as long as she is in school, I want her to have contact with me in case of an emergency. So I’m glad the policy has changed.

To the person driving the large, shiny beautiful vehicle with two large decals on the rear bumper. One saying “U.S. Army Retired” and the other saying “Vietnam Veteran.” We were stationed together at Fort Stewart many years ago, and I know for a fact that you did not retire, you were ruthless and were put out of the military. Second, I know for a fact that you were never in Vietnam.

I have a blueberry farm north of Chemtall on 17. I’d like to know why the people next to me, which is a church, are crossing my fence and stealing my blueberries? One of the Commandments states “Thou shalt not steal.” I don’t mind giving blueberries away and selling them, but please don’t steal from me.

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