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Sound off for July 8
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Paula Deen said it right when she said if there’s anybody out there who’s never said anything hurtful that they wish they could take back, let them throw the first stone.
There’s a gas station at 196 and Airport Road — $3.11 per gallon. There’s a gas station inside gate 7 right up the road — $3.16 per gallon.  Thank you, AAFES.
Can anyone tell me, why is it when you go to McDonald’s and you order a Big Mac, the lady at the drive-through window always asks you to pull over to the side? I could see if I went to McDonald’s and ordered a Whopper.
 Midway, the people, we need to go to the meetings that we have in Midway — the monthly meeting. If we want a McDonald’s that’s good and big with a playground that the children can enjoy and the church can enjoy at I-95 and 84, then let’s go to the meetings and tell them we don’t want no dinky place in a service station.

To the person who replied about Rep. Jack Kingston: This is not a democracy. The majority does not rule. This is a constitutional, republican form of government we have.
I’m calling about the articles you all have been printing about the all-star baseball team. It seems to me that the real problem the rec department needs to look at is the team from Walthourville, sounds to me like they have a loaded team. If I was a coach and got beat by the run rule on every game, I would be upset, too. I believe the root of the problem might be a loaded team from Walthourville.

I read in the June 30 paper what Mr. Will Darsey said in his letter about Mr. Mike Riddle’s column. Mr. Riddle, I am an African-American. What you said about the poor people and about food that they don’t have to pay for, I want you to know, Mr. Riddle, everybody’s not as fortunate as you to have food and be able to pay for your lunch. Yes, we have poor people. Yes, they may go from point A to point B getting food, but you didn’t have to say what you said in the paper.

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