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Sound off for June 15

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I understand that congratulations should go out to the Liberty County Panthers for the doing such a good job on basketball program, winning the championship last year, but why in the world would you run a picture with one of them awkwardly shooting the bird with one hand. And the guy in the middle looks like he’s mad at the world. What disturbs me is that nobody noticed. Why would y’all print that?

Thank you, Courier, for the return of the TV listings. Good job.

Regarding the caller about Social Security and paying property taxes for schools. Social Security has been robbed by the politicians. We don’t have to have people working. It’s been robbed by Obamacare and these foreigners coming in here.

My question to the Hinesville officials is why are the career opportunity jobs like factories being turned away from the city. All we have are restaurant jobs, motel jobs and gas station jobs. We need factory jobs. Where are the opportunities in Hinesville? You have to go to Savannah or Brunswick to get career jobs.

The more I see Mexicans beating up Trump supporters after rallies, the more I’m in favor of putting up walls to keep them out. Evidently they don’t understand the concept of freedom of speech. This is not a country of mob rule.

Local homeowners that live in their property can get a homestead exemption. They need to apply at the tax assessors by April 1, 2017. It’ll cut your taxes by a third, or a half.

Congratulations to the Hinesville City Council members. You are very active and you care about the community as a whole. You are not micromanaging. In essence you make things better and to God be the glory.

Do you think it’s fair when you have people who are over 80 years old and don’t have computers or don’t know how to use them and you have these digital savings coupons from groceries. I can’t use them. I’ll go to another store. I’ll go to Save-A-Lot. They don’t seem to have digital savings.

If that-20 year-old arrested for the fires in Glenville is convicted he should serve at least 20 years in jail with no probation. He should serve every one of those days.

What are these county commissioners doing? I only know one that he really works hard to help people, even if it’s not under his umbrella. The rest of them, what do they do. They’re never available. We need to get rid of them.

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