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Sound off for June 19
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I can tell you why Long County is growing faster than Liberty County and the number of students are decreasing in Liberty and increasing in Long. It’s due to the taxes that they’re imposing on the people of Liberty County. There’s been a whole lot more people moving out of Liberty County due to the taxes.  
Can the Coastal Courier please put the pictures from Liberty County High School on the site? Please?
I just want to say thank you to whoever is responsible for having the trash picked up on Highway 196. We really appreciate it.
Whose responsibility is it to trim the trees and vegetation along the east side of Highway 84 in Hinesville? It’s interfering with the sidewalk, so you’re forced to duck, step into traffic or get hit in the face. Please help.
Congressman Jack Kingston needs to give an editorial page reply for some of the people here in Midway. Going to the barbecue, we were quite concerned with his reply on the gun laws. It seems that he will go with what the people want — not what we want, what the majority I should say wants. We don’t want somebody that’s going to go with the majority, we want someone to go with what we want. We want to know where he stands on guns.

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