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Sound off for June 7
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Let’s try to find some local people looking for people in Liberty County. There are other people looking for work, and it all goes to Buckley and Associates. I’m sure they can retire and not do another piece of work, because Liberty County gets them for everything.

 For the caller about the private schools not sending kids to Division I schools: What does it matter if a kid goes to Division I, II or III, junior college as long as they further their education and play a sport that they love?

Coastal Courier, I’m a Vietnam veteran who got jet fuel splattered in my eye, and it’s for that reason that in dark, shaded areas, I have difficult time reading it. The grey shaded areas, very hard for me to read; the blue shaded areas, I can read OK. Even the picture on page 7A of the men walking in the woods, that’s very difficult for me to see. The shaded areas, if you’d make them blue instead of gray, it would be a lot easier for us to read.

 If you really want another grocery store in Midway, then quit putting the owner of the one grocery store in office as a commissioner to vote out any other grocery store coming in. That just doesn’t make sense.

I wanted to know why there wasn’t anybody representing Liberty hospital at the Relay for Life, since it is a national concern, and breast cancer is a community concern. It was horrible that nobody was there to represent the hospital, but I do want to say thank you to the community doctors who represented independently.

Neighbors in Rye Patch: Beware, our trash cans are being vandalized by punks. Stay up on our garbage days, and watch our trash cans and catch them, and make them clean up our trash.

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