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Sound off for June 9

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Congratulations to Mayor Allen Brown for pointing out that mayors and council members are not supposed to interfere in day-to-day operations. These elected officials in Liberty County are out of control. They are not supposed to micromanage. You all stay out of it and things would be better.

I would appreciate it if the lady that is sending my grandson to probate court would keep her stuff off Facebook. That’s not very Christian like. I don’t need to call her name, she knows who she is.

Liberty County Recreation Department needs better-informed umpires.

Good job, Liberty County BOE, adding days to positions at the board office, when you cut days from those positions who provide direct service to students.

Driving through Hinesville this week and being a 20-year veteran of the Army, I noticed several stores with the slogan, "Thank our vets." Store owners, there is no excuse any more even if you weren’t privy to this in school. Memorial Day is for those who lost lives in the service of our nation. Armed Forces Day honors those serving and Veterans Day is for those who have served! Get it right!!

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