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Sound off for March 13
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With all the new buildings we got — three-story buildings, the law center, the education center and city hall — it seems like they could afford, and in the remodeling of the old courthouse, please fix the clock on the old courthouse. It wouldn’t’ cost as much as a three-story building would.

When it comes time for us to assist Israel and help them, I hope that the United States will be in position to do so because there’s too much inward fighting in this country at this time. We can’t even help each other, and I know that God doesn’t like what’s going on and how things are being done. But we’re going to have to learn to stick together so that we will be able to defend our own country — right here on this land here — defend other countries. So pray for the United States that we get it together, that God made us all.

I just want to thank the young men in Hinesville that play baseball that are wearing pink to support breast cancer. We have some awesome kids in Hinesville.

Dennis the Menace not in here. Garfield’s not in here. We’d like the other (comics page) better. I wish everyone that dislikes this funny page calls in and lets you know you’ve really messed up on the comics.

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