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Sound off for March 14
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Here are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the callers:

I’m 84 years old, still paying school taxes. My kids have been out of school for 30 years. I see where the school board is still spending money.

I’m responding to the Catholic who would rather their tax dollars be used for birth control because they don’t want to support welfare babies: I would like all the taxpayers to know that around the fifth of this month, I got caught behind a welfare mama who had 17 WIC vouchers. Sounds more to me like we’re raising a family instead of a baby.

Please remind readers that if they go to a funeral, please put their purses and briefcases in their trunks. Do not leave them on the seat.

I have a loved one residing in a nursing home in Long County, and who has complained several times about her care. Nothing is being done. Help.

Political leadership in Hinesville is so weak, and it’s a shame that we’ve got to put up with that for four more years.

I know for a fact that the Coastal Courier does not print all the Sound off calls they get, because I’ve called three times in the last week, and still I have not seen my comments. So no, they’re not printing all of the Sound off they get in, which I really enjoy reading.

This is regarding the Sound off about the fundraiser with the local woman: She was diagnosed with cancerous cells in her body, and she did have to have immediate surgery. God is the one who healed her, and if they’d like to have their money back, they can contact anyone who donated for their $50. It was not a con.

Yippee! We’re going to get the chance to opt out of the smart meters. Oh, but wait, there’s going to be a fee for that — a hefty fee, so it’s really not going to be worth your time to do it. The power company is going to make their money one way or another, so suck it up, people.

I went to Comcast to pay my cable bill, and there were four ladies at the four windows. Yet only one was actually waiting on customers, and the line was long.

The Sound off is my favorite column in the whole entire paper. Please, please, please, print more Sound off.

To save Social Security, we need to promote smoking and obesity. That would prevent a lot of boomers from reaching retirement age.

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