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Sound off for March 14

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We live in a subdivision off of veterans parkway. We have some neighbors that keep their front and back yard like a dump! The city says its “not dumpy “enough for them to step in.” It’s absolutely disgusting and trashy! We have homes for sale in our neighborhood but that dumpy yard makes it an unpleasant view of our neighborhood. People have no pride or respect for their neighbors what so ever.

To the person complaining about SPLOST passing, some of the businesses in town are still charging you 7%. The excuse is that no one told them that it’s 6%, so check your receipts, You are still paying the same percentage.

Liberty  County School Board is inconsistent with the dress code policy. They are just a bunch of clowns! If the dress code policy is changed for one student, then it should be changed for all of them. If you allow blazers, then you should allow all sweaters! The underline reason for not allowing jackets, blazers or sweater was to keep the classroom safe. This is  just a ticking time bomb! Shame. Does the board even care?  Liberty County School Board you are failing!

City government has strict guidelines to follow in terms of job openings and postings. We have all of these staff members that are employed; however, I do not recall all job positions being run in the newspaper as required. Sounds like someone needs to investigate hiring practices.

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