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Sound off for March 2
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Here are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the callers:

The Midway Perspective in Sunday’s paper dated on the 12th is wrong. First of all, the gentleman needs to understand what the mayor does and does not do. If he knew the regulations for the city clerk, he would know that the city clerk keeps things filed and documented. Please have him give the correct information the next time he wants to have bad comments about the Midway mayor.

A lot of people read Sound off. I’m hoping law enforcement will read this and tell people, ‘Hey, it’s the law that you’ve got to have your lights on when driving in the rain.’ I drove into Hinesville and Fort Stewart today when it was raining, and some people didn’t have their lights on.

I don’t know why we have that Coastal Regional bus in Liberty County. They have left me for the third time, and they have left a couple of people who are handicapped. We need better service.

Regarding the fundraisers held for the local lady needing immediate urgent surgery that later revealed her condition to not be serious, nor cancerous: Should not all that money be given back to all the donors who were duped into giving money for what proved to be a non-urgent, standard procedure? I know I want my money back. I gave $50 to this con.

To the person complaining about Sound offs in Sunday’s paper: Why is the newspaper at fault? It’s a public fault for not calling in to Sound off. Come on, get real.

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