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Sound off for March 28

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I attend some sporting events at Liberty High school and it really annoyed me that in this community of heroes the home games for the soccer team the National Anthem is not played. I noticed this on 8 March at a game and when I asked around apparently the anthem is only played at football and baseball games. Why is this so? Our Anthem should be played at the beginning of every game.

I urge voters to think long and hard before voting in favor of continuing the ESPLOST. The BOE and Superintendent have wasted millions of dollars on things such as a fleet of new cars, travel, additional personnel at the central office, and high salaries for employees who commute from Atlanta. Now they are campaigning for the additional sales tax to renovate older schools and update technology. If they didn’t waste so much money, they would have been able to do this already. Please vote no!

So today the City Ordinance lady came by my house and said my sign for Sikes for sheriff was blocking the right of way and made me move it. Hmmmm, a 2 foot sign blocking? Well guess we pay her to do some stupid stuff. She should be worried about all the trashy yards that the renters never clean up. Guess our tax dollars are wasted again.
I just wanted to say thanks to Liberty County School System for throwing an excellent parade for the Liberty High basketball team. Keep up the good work.

Well Midway has done it again... Voted no to Plunder Box, a place that all ages are welcome. So what do we get in return, a new package shop maybe? Come on Midway, give us back Plunder Box.

Now the GOP is down to Three Stooges running for President.

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