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Sound off for March 8

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Please, please anybody in District 5 run against Marcus Scott, Liberty County board member. He has to go. Let Him focus on his Scott All*Star basketball team.

Dr. Lee, Thank you for everything you did for our school system. You will be missed. Marcus Scott, I hope you lose your next election. Your term is up next year in May.

The school superintendent is gone, the bank president is next.

The last two sound-off issues were very disheartening because let’s realize that individuals can type anything into the Sound off and it is read as the gospel truth.  Some of the published statements can ruin a person’s livelihood, career, family or reputation, and there is nothing the victim can do about it especially if the submission is sent as a malicious act or gesture. Scary. Very scary.

Help!  There was almost a major problem on 84 at the school zone in Midway this morning, with the two people handling the traffic going in to the school. A woman out there (which is someone I have not seen before) almost caused a major accident. Not only that, she was arguing with the man (who I see on a weekly bases) in the street.  I mean, yelling at him! What is going on?

As of March 1, 2017, Obamacare (ACA), needs to be called Trumpcare. Since Trump and the GOP own it.   

Dr. Lee’s contract ends June 30, but she is getting one year’s salary?! I thought when  a contract ends so does the salary!

Thanks, BOE, for starting to clean house by the non-renewal of Dr. Lee’s contract. Now, please get yourselves in order and help us become a school system to be proud of again.

Let’s vote the Wigman into the BoE superintendent position. He knows this city like no one else.

It’s sad when teachers go to work day after day and are expected to not only teach, but also deal with dangerous behavior from students, with little or no support from administration. Students physically harming teachers and getting timeout or going home the rest of the day, but back the next day to do it all again. Then we have a BoE that is full of more drama then a high school hallway!

If there would not be a BoE there would be no news in the Sound off. People are getting tired of all the BoE BS. A lot of us do not have any kids attending schools and can care less about the BoE and school complaints. Parents not satisfied with what is going on should go to the schools and air out their grievances and not bug us readers. We can’t help.

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