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Sound off for March 9
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Here are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated  the callers:

Whoever is calling about the basketball courts, don’t bother because the police never come through our neighborhoods, at Timber Ridge, except up Madison going to Frank Cochran.

Do illegal drugs mess with your mind? Do they affect your mind? Check out Charlie Sheen. I rest my case, as lawyers would say.

I was talking with the owner of Kiddie Care day care, the child-care center who burned last March, and she was telling me that a lot of people still have not paid their child-care bill. It is a shame when someone can be in crisis and still not step up and do what’s right.

I was on Fort Stewart today and I met one empty bus and in less than a quarter of a mile, maybe an eighth of a mile, I met another empty bus. This is not really tax dollars at work. It’s fraud, waste and abuse. This needs to be stopped or separate these routes where they’re not bumper-to-bumper and both buses empty.

This is to the caller who was complaining about the school calling and having a private number. They probably do that so it doesn’t show up and the kids just hang up or don’t answer the phone.

If the citizens of Midway should get together on their outrageous electric bills, please include the citizens in the Riceboro area. Ours are even higher.

I’m away from home 50 hours per week, home only two weekends a month, did not do Christmas lights and still got a $300 bill for the past two months.

This is in reference to the caller concerning caller ID: I’m sure if you got as many phone threats as the schools got, you would have caller ID on your phone also.

On behalf of the gate guards at Fort Stewart, although all that has been said about the traffic that’s backed up, you guys have done a remarkable job. Blame it on the leadership for not thinking the thing through. You guys are doing good. Rock of the Marne.

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