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Sound off for May 14

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Why do we have speed-limit signs in Liberty County when no one obeys them?

Imagine my amazement when my granddaughter just turned 12 and I picked her up from school to go to Walmart, and there was a convicted sex offender driving a tow truck. I’m trying to find out who this gentleman was, and I found out he was towing on Fort Stewart and for the city of Hinesville and possibly the highway patrol. Does no one even do background checks on anyone who is in contact with our kids and grandkids?
I am the complainer about the Georgia Black Mayors’ Association and also the Black History Month. I’m too old to start my own white mayors’ association. Thank you for answering my note.

Nothing for kids to do? You’re totally wrong. The Liberty County Recreation Department sponsors sports year-round. That should keep your children busy. If they don’t stay busy with sports, then they need to be given a rake, and have them cut the lawn. Also, bowling alleys and skating rinks were not supported when we had them here. If you want them, you should build them yourself.

Pets should not be banned from the parks. It’s OK to ban them from the city buildings, but not the parks. And let’s ban the irresponsible people who do not clean up after their pets.

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