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Sound off for May 26
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The Hinesville letter carriers would like to thank the community for their amazing support on our food drive on Saturday, May 11. Thanks so much.
Fair warning to residents on John Wells Road that own animals and do not keep them penned or indoors: If I find them in my yard, they’re going to the pound; if they bite me, they’re going in the ground.
There’s so many people that are set on the destruction of different nationalities and wonder if they’ll be in the history books, for their accomplishments can be greater than theirs. But God’s accomplishments are greater than all of ours because He said Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my word will not fail. You have to face Him one day, and a gamma ray can destroy this Earth in 10 seconds. History won’t be recorded anymore. It’s going to be you have to stand in front of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And you know where you’re going to spend eternity with the kind of mind that you have. Love your neighbor as yourself. Don’t forget that, it’s important.
This is for the people of Long County, the residents of Davenport Acres, Davenport Ridge and Horse Creek subdivisions. You have four teenage males, ranging in age from 13 to 18, going around taking pictures of people’s houses with their cellphones and then meeting up on Bell Road. Y’all be careful, because it looks like these people are scouting your neighborhoods. And if we don’t look out for one another, ain’t nobody going to look out for us.

The private schools in Hinesville have won several state titles. But if you give me the name of someone that’s playing at a Division I school now in Liberty County from the private schools, you get a plus.

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