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Sound off for May 3

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This deal with the board of education and the $190,000 kind of reminds me of the former tax commissioner not repaying all the money she was told to do.

I saw in the Courier where someone was looking for a good church. The best one in the county, maybe even the state, is Gumbranch Baptist Church. But what’s wrong with taking up a collection to help a pastor that you appreciate so much. They have families, they have hard times just like we do.

Hey all you teachers out there!  Do you feel as I do that Dr. Lee is actually stealing from us?  Poor Dr. Lee!  I guess she needs the money more than we do.  I’m sure we could all do some great things in our classrooms with all the money she will be getting to leave.  What has happened to this school district?  I feel sorry for those of you who aren’t close to retirement.

While you are at it, BOE, why don’t you go ahead and fire Reese’s boss? You know, the woman who brought him here after working with him in North Georgia and should have known what type of worker he was. I believe she is even more negligent than he. How in the world and why in the world would she let him go almost a whole year without reconciling bank statements? That, to me, shows gross incompetence on her part.

What has happened at Lyman Hall Elementary? The staff can tell you. The teachers arrive every day before the principal. He is seldom available. His open door policy is actually a behind doors policy. We shouldn’t have to close the door for just a quick question.

 It goes without saying that we as teachers are expected to train and take part in after-school activities. However, its getting out of hand. We have spouses, families and tiny children of our own too.  What about our health? We never get a break during the day. This has been a very stressful year for all of us. Our spirits are broken. Pray for us.

Here we go again, the BoE is focusing on the wrong things. You are worried about spandex material in school but should be worried about the alarming amount of students that did not do well on GMAS. We have taken the focus off of education and our children are paying the price for it!

Lyman Hall needs to reconsider how they conduct their field day. It was entirely too hot to have the children outside with no shade provided but to conduct activities in the gym when it was the coolest part of the day.

I saw on page 5 of Sunday’s copy of your fish wrap where our mayor and the city council will be treated to yet another R&R workshop at the Sea Palms Resort on St. Simons Island. With all the briefing rooms available in our Taj Mahals downtown, why do we still allow continued spending of our tax dollars this way? Shame on you, mayor.

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