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Sound off for May 6

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The officials want to know about SPLOST, how to get it going again and everything? The first step they could take is to conduct their meetings in the two big buildings or the three big buildings that’s been constructed here that have vacant floors and stay out of St. Simons …
I would like to say to Mrs. Lovette, I have been to your meeting in Walthourville. I would like to say that you have a very smart, very unique mayor that does a great job in moving the city. Mrs. Luciria Lovette said down there at the retreat that we’re trying to get more people involved to come to our City Council meeting. But first, Mrs. Lovette needs to conduct herself in a professional manner. She always, since she has been on the City Council, she has never voted for the minutes to be approved. She always rejects everything, and she keeps confusion going on the city councilmen in Walthourville. …
Why is our superintendent stirring up the pot and now trying to move kitchens? We hope she finds her kitchen soon so she can leave ours alone.

I wonder after watching all the events in Baltimore (recently) if our mayor pro tem, city councilman and county commissioner are going to start throwing rocks at our policemen now? They laid down in the streets; maybe they’ll start burning some police cars.

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