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Sound off for May 7

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I understand what the person in Sound off was saying about the churches. All these churches have got something to do with money for the pastor. Every month it seems some program is coming up for the pastor and first lady. It’s all about the money. I’m getting disenchanted.

I notice in the Courier that Friday is the Earth Day celebration. I always celebrate Earth Day by burning brush and mowing all my property. Is that wrong?

This thing with Super. Lee is starting to smell a lot like something that happened years ago with Carolyn Brown. It needs to be investigated by GBI or whatever. They are no better than anybody else like stealing the money to pay her with.

For conservative evangelicals, would you please inform the rest of us where, exactly, did The Donald give glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday?

Another fine family opted this week to purchase a home in another county because of the LC school system. There are some very fine teachers out there, but the bureaucracy from all levels of government has turned their jobs into wastelands. It’s no wonder your children are not prepared for college, trade school, or any other career path.

How is it that a Liberty County Deputy can assault a young woman and nothing be done? Our Sheriff needs to do his job and protect our citizens, not cover for his ‘boys’.

Step up, Dr. Lee! If you really support our school system you will leave without pocketing the extra $190K you are receiving. Be a real leader! Show your support! Come on and do it! I dare ya!

Marcus Scott please don’t run again next year. The board of education doesn’t need you. And Mrs. Verdell Jones, you need to go right behind him. Thank you, Dr. Lee for everything.

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