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Sound off for Nov. 13
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

"If that person who says God knows all and sees all believes that, why is she still messing with married men? Or do you think God closes his eyes when it comes to you?"

"On Nov. 5, daylight savings starts and we’re told to move our clocks back one hour. But you ruin clocks by running them back. You should stop them for an hour, instead."

"I was at the council meeting Thursday. I’d like to say to Ms. Reid that you were disrespectful to the young lady addressing problems on Azalea Street. Everyone in that neighborhood is not supportive of you."

"When Obama was president, all you could hear was the country is headed in the wrong direction. I want to know what direction we’re headed in now. This is the most dangerous time since Trump became president. Thanks a lot."

"Hinesville mayor pro tem, you never vote yes or no. You always abstain. Your time is coming too."

"Is there a conspiracy against outspoken black women down here? As a white woman, I’ve noticed. First it was the BoE superintendent. Then it was mayor in Walthourville. Now it’s a councilwoman. They’ve all done fine jobs. Women, we’ve got to organize against these injustices."

"Mrs. Reid said she wants to suspend Mr. Edwards to send a message that he can’t try to get rid of people cause he’s mad, based off of assumptions and no facts. Isn’t that what she did?"

"I just want to thank Mrs. Kelso at Midway Middle for all the help she gave me this past week. It really means a lot to me and my family!"

"Chief Quarterman and Chief Burns, your teams are the best thing to happen to Walthourville. Hang in there, the citizens know your boss is the devil. Oops she’s a minister, how funny! She will reap what she has/is sowing!"

"Since Long County refuses to enforce zoning, every citizen needs to boycott this disgusting commercial business they allow to illegally operate in Rye Patch. The county won’t do their job and shut it down and remove the eyesore from non-commercial property but ‘we the people’ can! Spread the word and let’s unite against this injustice. My home or yours could be the next victim. No home in the county is safe from commercial invasion."

"I think the school should be stopping these jackets with logos on them from entering the school. It isn’t fair for some of the kids who can’t afford brand name jackets. That leads to bullying."

"Seems like Councilwoman Reid wanted Mr. Edwards fired because he wouldn’t do what she wanted him to."

"Attention city councilpersons, employees that work for the city are not stupid. Wow, these recordings show how little you think of employees."

"If a complaint is made against an elected official, shouldn’t it be made to someone other than, you know, the elected officials? I hope not only Billy gets justice, but Becky as well. Great job Coastal Courier for bringing all this to light. Keep digging!"

"This for the person who called in about the banks dropping the telephone automated banking. For The Heritage Bank will still have online banking service that is done by computer so you can do banking at home with your computer instead of your phone or cell phone."

"If the complaint was made against councilwoman Reid from Becky Speir. Shouldn’t she have recuse herself? Seems very inappropriate to me. Retaliation at Mr. Edwards for not squashing Mrs. Speir’s complaint against her?"

"After reading the article on Edwards. It seems that he should have sued along with Becky. Such as disgrace to our city."

"Now Jared Kuschner and Ivanka Trump are using private emails and server for official business. I’m not going to say lock them up. My question is why do they still have jobs in the White House? When is Buddy Carter going to put the country before his party and investigate this White House?

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