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Sound off for Nov. 23
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The haves and have-nots is the choice of a key here on Earth and also for heaven and hell. So which key will you choose, the choice of haves and have-nots: will you live in eternity or will you perish in hell? Love you neighbors as yourselves.

Instead of Long County teachers going on strike, I recommend they do their jobs, like posting grades in Power School. We’re halfway through the nine weeks, and four of my son’s teachers have not posted a single grade in Power School. This is a wonderful program if it is used, but it’s useless if not.

Why won’t the Liberty County High School principal and the board of education hire another ROTC instructor? It has been years since the last instructor passed away, and they have not replaced that instructor. It is a really good program, and we need another instructor so we can have more kids participate in the program.

To that wonderful person that wants to get rid of Obamacare: You know, there’s any old saying that sometimes people think you’re ignorant, and if you be quiet, they won’t know. But if you open your mouth and remove all doubt, everybody knows your ignorance.

To a recent caller, there are people that come to church not to look at you because of your nice clothes. People come to church to hear the word of the Lord; and you are not the only one that God has blessed with nice things, and you’re not going to get into heaven based on your outer appearance. Get over yourself, you are not all that.

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