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Sound off for Nov. 23

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Ashamed to be an American right now. Not about political party; it’s about the blatant disrespect that is played out in our faces. White House leaders join forces with self-avowed KKK-style ideology. Have we not learned anything from history? The oppressed will rise up! It is less costly to love our fellow man and secure a path for all to feel worthwhile.

How can Donald Lovette be the Liberty County Commissioner and be a department manager at the county owned hospital? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

The true colors of America are showing. Not red, white, and blue, only white. So sad that generations must revisit the horrors of the era with Jim Crow and other ills so proudly proclaimed. It began with the audacity of a black man seeking and winning the highest office. Now a nation adopts the KKK slogan. God forgive them for they know not what they do. My heart grieves, but on the other hand, I rejoice because God has a plan as He did for his children. Let us be strong and wait on the Lord.

Midway Police Department does not have the American flag flying, but has a blue and black flag flying. That is a government building and should fly an American flag with black and blue flag under it.

Well big deal! Snelson Golden gets recognized for reducing discipline issues at their school. Well if you don’t document and address the discipline issues, of course the numbers will go down. Students are still not getting punished for their misbehavior. It’s a zoo over there and I will never sub there again.

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