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Sound off for Oct. 19
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Why is it Winn Army hospital doesn’t have Fox News on any of their channels? It’s all CNN or HLN. Are they scared to know the real truth?

To balance the general fund budget: No. 1, get rid of OMI. Get rid of code enforcement; get rid of the bus system. Stop going to the King & Prince for countywide meetings; cease talks with China, and last — but not least — decrease the city elected officials’ pay to what it was originally.

If the BoE is really concerned about education, they will quit wasting money at the former Brewton-Parker site out by Highway 84. They’re wasting a lot of money out there that they could well-use in other areas. They’re clearing an area that does not need to be cleared and landscaped.

I’ve been reading about the Sound off that was in Friday’s paper about the councilman with the street in front of his house paved. The person that called that in doesn’t know how government works. Roads have to be the priority; the road that they talk about this councilman is torn up due to all the school buses going to the school.

I was going to vote for the Obama-Biden ticket, but after watching the (vice-presidential) debate (recently) with all the smiling and smirking that Biden did, I’m going to say “bye-bye, Obama-Biden.”

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