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Sound off for Oct. 21
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This is in response to the individual who felt the pastor of Gum Branch Baptist Church was somehow disrespectful because he occasionally wore a polo shirt when delivering his sermon instead of wearing a suit: I would contend this individual has lost his reason for attending the church. God is not in the fashion business; what is important is not what one wears on his back but what one wears in his heart.

City has a shortfall. Wonder how much the mayor and all of his cronies spent on all of these trips they’ve taken? I think that the mayor and the city council should reverse all of their raises. If anybody deserves a raise, it’s the city employees that haven’t had one in a while.

Ladies, you know there’s enough single men out here without you all having to go after the married men. And the worst thing is, if you’re married, why you looking for another man anyway?

There are kids running all around Christopher Drive in the neighborhood. They’re out all hours of the night, and they’re causing all kinds of problems in the neighborhood. Parents need to do something about that.

Because of the new hazardous light bulbs that have mercury in them, they closed all the GE plants in America. And now these light bulbs are made in China, so the owner of GE is making big, big profits on the middle class. We’re paying for it; think about the world in a few years with all that mercury exposed to the world.

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