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Sound Off for Oct. 25

Call 876-3733. These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

“While I can appreciate Lynda Hall’s patriotic letter about the NFL, I have to ask where is the same outrage at the division in our country that Trump continues to flame?”

“I just got my driver’s license. It was a wonderful experience. There are very helpful, police and efficient individuals there.”

“The article published about bullying at school is totally incorrect. Check facts before you publish.”
Editor’s note: Which article are you referring to?

“My granddaughter is a special needs student at Liberty Elementary. Every day she comes home in tears, telling me how she is ridiculed and bullied by other students. I know for a fact the school is not doing anything. I hope what is going on right now in Liberty County will be a wakeup call. Just because a student is special ed does not mean they don’t have feelings.”

“It is fully dark and we just passed the state police barracks on Airport Road. Is there a reason the U.S. flag is not illuminated in accordance with U.S. flag code?”

“Regarding posts about the council person parking her vehicle on the street and others having problems with that person sounds like we live in the same district. You are right she is rude. If it’s her we voted the wrong person in office.”

“Marcus Scott we didn’t forget about you. Please District 5 vote him out. He’s nothing but trouble!”

“In regards to the recent posts about Chick-fil-A being closed on Sundays. You all should do some research about Mr. Truett Cathy’s story to know why they are closed Sunday. He was a man who loved his family and God and felt everyone deserves a day of rest to worship and spend time with family. So you all should be ashamed especially the church group complaining you can’t get your chicken fix.”

“It’s good seeing candidates like Stacey Evans coming to Hinesville to talk to the little people. She was down to earth. I missed the chance to see Stacey Abrams. Thanks Sabrina Newby for making this happen and thinking of us little people. I pray God continues to use you and I hope one day you will be a candidate. I would vote for you.”

“As weak as the Sound off is, it is the pulse of the community. I encourage more people to get involved. Call in.”

“If they dressed appropriately and professionally no one would see their breasts. Get over yourself. How does a teacher expect to be respected when she’s not dressed like she is a professional. There is a dress code enforced for the kids, put the teachers in them too and problem will be solved, it doesn’t matter what school. Tell the principal at Waldo to wear clothes that aren’t hugging. It starts at the head.

“It is against the law to idle school buses at bus ramps and on school grounds. But yet we have them running on school ramps with ac or no ac. Where is the crack down? Maybe the ramps should be visited to witness the running of the buses, mostly the ones that have AC. AC does not give you permission to run for your own comfort, not to say they are wasting fuel and carbing the ramps.”

“Someone please tell me why Long county school is keeping inappropriate teacher relationships quiet. These things should not be swept under the rug. Why are they protecting teachers and not students? “

This goes out to the caller criticizing Northerners. Your condescending comments don’t bother me. What does bother me is the the (sic) poor grammar and derogatory comments made by the Southerners and locals from this town. Don’t you realize how uneducated and bigoted you sound? And you seem to think that calling the Sound off is going to address and repair all the issues you complain about. Go to city counsel (sic) meeting, BoE meeting, etc. Get off the couch and let your voice be heard.

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