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Sound off for Oct. 29

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Pastors do work 24/7. So do squad leaders, platoon sergeants, first sergeants and the commander. But they don’t have an anniversary in which they request each member to give $200 for that anniversary per family. Nor do they get paid such amount of money that they can even afford to have what our pastors have here in Hinesville. So, I agree, they don’t have enough. So maybe we should go cut their yard, clean up their house, etc. There has to be a line drawn somewhere to how much a person is willing to take from their members.

You would think, after all these years of Bradwell losing football game after football game, that they would put somebody in there that can actually play some football instead of putting the coach’s son as the quarterback. How many more games are we going to have to lose to have somebody out there who doesn’t know what he’s doing? I was really hoping with the new coach that we would have a better team, but apparently it’s the same old, same old for Bradwell.

I’m a resident of Hinesville/Liberty County for over the last 20 years, and what I’ve noticed is that our police department basically does nothing more than traffic and some routine stops, but whenever they do a break-in to a home or an automobile or anything like that, they don’t even go as far to take fingerprints. They are a Barney Fife, ragtag organization that lacks pure police work (?). How can you be an effective police department when you cannot even lift fingerprints when someone breaks into someone’s home and steals their property and there are latent prints right before you? Somebody please give me some answers or help me to understand this.

I would just like to say Roy Hubbard’s news article, “Nation doesn’t need more boots on the ground,” is right on target. We shouldn’t be over there. Let those countries over there fight for their own land, and let us stay home where we need to be.

iPads at school, they need to go. Doesn’t the state require that children need to study in the classroom so many hours a day? If they have time to listen to music and go on Facebook, then they’re not learning. iPads must go.

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