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Sound off for Oct. 7

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Congratulations to The STEM Academy in Savannah on receiving state certification! Nice to know that a few teachers who felt it necessary to leave the LCSS are making great things happen in education elsewhere! Too bad LCSS keeps losing their better and best educators! Very sad indeed! Nice work, BOE … hope you are proud.
Why the city of Hinesville mayor didn’t show up for the REACH Scholarship signing? He was on the program to speak. Guess it wasn’t important enough for him. He lost my vote.
Liberty County, when can teachers get back to teaching? All they do now is collect fundraising money, count and collect impact-aid forms, serve and track number of breakfasts eaten, clean their rooms, serve as bathroom monitors. Let them do what they love to do, which is teach.
Our country’s founders put into the Constitution that we were founded as a Christian country. Why, therefore, is there such a furor now when people say they do not want a Muslim in the White House? Look at what’s happened in the Muslim countries — look at how the women are treated, look at how people who are non-Muslims are treated, and look at what kind of progress they’ve made. We don’t need a Muslim, and those people who would say that we do need to go somewhere that they’re appreciated.

Part of the Long County commission board is an embarrassment to our county. There are two in particular that are so arrogant and egotistical, it’s a travesty of justice. I’m ashamed to say that I voted for one of them, but rest assured, I will not make that mistake again. The way these two have handled our fire-department situation has just been plain sick. They simply refuse to cooperate and reach the best decisions for our county. Our fire department was such a dependable and hardworking dedicated bunch of men that has now been effectively reduced to shreds by those two.

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