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Sound off for Sept. 11
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In last Wednesday’s letter to the editor, someone said food-stamp recipients should be drug tested, which I thoroughly agree. I also think that if you smell smoke on their breath, they shouldn’t get food stamps, because if they’re spending money for cigarettes, they don’t need food stamps, because if they didn’t smoke, they’d have enough money for food.

Liberty County Administrator Joey Brown is asking the city of Hinesville to annex the cantonment area of Fort Stewart. That’s federal property, this is city property. I own a 59-year-old home. My taxes already are $800. If they do that, my taxes are really going to go up. What part of this whole situation does not compute? I’m retired United States Army, Fort Stewart is federal, city of Hinesville is city.
Editor’s note: Joey Brown did not make that request.

A coach’s confidence doesn’t win football games. These young players’ performances, execution and determination win football games. If you’re going to have a philosophy, it must be a philosophy that supports the players on the field, not a coach’s confidence.

I hope that  young Americans talking about Obama-care and taking our America back, I really do hope you mean our America, not your America that you grew up with — privileged.

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