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Sound off for Sept. 21
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It’s time for a change at Bradwell Institute. Coach Walsh needs to go.

I guess Midway news isn’t important. Where’s the rest of the Midway City Council news that’s supposed to be continued in the paper on page 10? It was not in this paper that I could find. Midway is important.

I live at Brittney Lane and Meloney Drive, and I would like to know what gives the elected officials of Hinesville permission to change stop signs around at intersections without getting the opinion of the people in that neighborhood.

Savannah High, really? Bradwell loses to AAA Savannah High again? How much longer does this have to go on before a change is made?

It amazes me the comments about our president being black. The truth of the matter is, he is both black and white. Either vote for him for what you feel he has done and not done, and leave race out of the picture. Evaluate the man on what he has done and what he has not done.

Hinesville’s celebrating 175 years. In your research, did you find any African Americans that contributed to Hinesville’s growth or success in 175 years? In reading your booklet, I only saw mention of Mayor Thomas, but there must be someone in past history that contributed to Hinesville in the past 175 years.

My dog was killed over the weekend on Highway 301. The person that killed her, he just kept going and didn’t even stop. I would like to thank the two passers-by that stayed with me until my son was able to get me out of the road. You don’t find citizens like that anymore, but I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I had a possible dangerous incident happen to me in one of our large local parking lots. A kind gentleman picked up on the possible danger and spoke to me as if he knew me, possibly diverting the danger. I wish to thank this wonderful gentleman.

You can call in Sound off, and they’ll publish stuff about people buying a light bulb at the Dollar General store and stuff that don’t mean a hill of beans. But if you call Sound off about someone abusing their animals and dogs or stuff like that, it never gets published in Sound off. I don’t understand it.

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