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Sound off for Sept. 24
Call 912-876-3733 and leave a short message about an issue in Liberty County or the country. It may be published in the Coastal Courier and online. - photo by Stock photo

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

"Three high schools in Liberty County and only one has a swim team. What’s up with that, board of education?"

"Someone called in to say the city council needs to pass an IQ test. Was that about Midway? They sure do. They can’t even find the laws they’ve passed."

"Backup Perry, the interim Liberty County school superintendent, is awesome. The county would do well to keep him."

"Taking down those monuments is ridiculous. Why don’t they take everything away, including MLK Day, Black History Month? Take all history down, not just white history."

"Midway is too small to have a $2.7 million city hall. But then Washington wants to leave a legacy, a legacy of over-extending Midway residents."

"Al Williams, if you’d buy my house, I’d be glad to get the heck out."

"I think it’s sad when you have to pay over $600 for my son to play Liberty County Panther Football. Then, if my son doesn’t have the money the coach says he can’t play. Not fair. He practiced all summer and can’t play in games. Thanks, coaches."

"To elect the same people in the office of mayor would be a mistake. We need more business in Midway. What in the world is wrong with our sitting mayor and council? And one of the councilman is running for mayor?"

"Once again, the county commissioners failed to agree to provide emergency services to all of Liberty County at their meeting on Aug. 31. Kudos to Commissioner Thrift who called it like it is stating, "We are going back to square one." Commissioners, tell that to citizens that dial 911 and wait for help that’s not coming."

"If you are an aspiring administrator welcome to Liberty County! There is no need to complete your credentials and no need to have entry level leadership experiences. Just ask the top leaders of our county about their school improvement experience/credentials. They don’t have any experience."

"To the caller saying that tattoos are not professional, sounds like you need to get with the times. Society has evolved to be more accepting of tattoos and I honestly feel sorry for you being stuck in the past and not being able to adapt. You poor thing, bless your heart."

"Citizens of Walthourville have questions and deserve to have them answered at a town hall meeting. Mayor Pray when are you going to have a meeting to answer these questions? Not having a meeting makes it looks like there is something to hide!"

"I guess everyone that receives the Coastal Courier at home just got their subscription increase letter from Mr. Johnny Brown. Speaking only for myself, I do not think your fish wrap is worth more than 35 cents a copy, certainly not the .62 cents a copy we’ll be paying now. Oh well, the rich get richer, as they say."

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