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Sound off for Sept. 25
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I think that all the dieticians who run schools should be getting a notice every day of what Michelle Obama’s children will be eating that day so they can serve the same food to our children.
There will be racism as long as people feel that because they’re a certain race, they need special help with everything, and they don’t think they need to compete and study hard to get where other people have.
I really wish these young ladies who work in fast-food restaurants would realize they are not superstars and they need to stop wearing all this fake stuff — fake eyelashes, fake eyebrows, fake nails. It’s getting ridiculous.
To keep racial problems going is admitting that racial problems exist.
I was just wondering why there’s such an inconsistency between facilities — city, state and county — flying their flags at half-mast in memory of those recently killed in the Navy yard. The president proclaimed that all flags at public offices should be flown at half-mast until sundown today.

Will someone please tell Long County High School people how to direct traffic?

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