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Sound Off for Sept. 6

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“I’ve visited several schools and I see teachers that are so unprofessional. I’ve noticed short dresses, nose piercings and tattoos all over the place. What happened to the days of teachers dressing up looking like a professional?”

“Don’t panic over current leadership at Hinesville City Council. After all, look at all the good Democrats have done in, oh, let’s say LA, Baltimore and the bastions of success, Detroit and Chicago!”

“Liberty county fire chief, You can’t make traffic stops in your SUV. #4th amendment”

“Seventeen Sailors have died in the past two weeks and no word from Trump! This just shows that he doesn’t care about our military.”

“School is back in folks which means it’s time for HPD to shamelessly run radar every day during school hours next to the old Jordye Bacon on South Main. This is only a 25 mph zone and has no flashing lights to indicate it’s a school zone.”

“Anyone who cannot see that the Antifa hoodlums were just as wrong as the white nationalists is living in another world. Only after Blacks stop using divisive terminology such as African American to define themselves; stop having a “minority” version of every organization (minority chamber?); and stop blaming everything that is wrong in their world on race will true unity be achieved.”

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