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Sound off for Sept. 7
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I’m calling to respond to the citizen who complained about the new Liberty County DFCS. As a service provider, I visit the DFCS offices several times a week and the vast majority of these staff members are working diligently to serve the community. If individuals receiving these benefits would take advantage of the state’s web tools rather than taking their frustrations out on these local workers, the phone lines would be free more often.

On the SPLOST, it’s a shame that Liberty County voted for it. They don’t realize that a penny that they spend, by the end of the year they will spend hundreds of dollars on giving that penny away. And the city will spend it foolishly like the three courthouses and the Taj Mahal city hall that we don’t need. I’m glad that the other counties had the sense of voting against it.

A person made a comment that true racism is voting for the worst president in history of America simply because he is black. If I understand President Bush put us into this war that we’re still in, and from what I can understand from all the dead soldiers, that is why he is the worst president in the world. Simply because President Obama is black is why people call him the worst president in the world.

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