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Sound off Jan. 20
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I just want to thank Rev. Jackson, Alvin L. Jackson, for his speech at the Emancipation Proclamation here. I thought he was right on key, and I think that more people need to be aware of what happened. And I think that he is doing a good job to bringing people awareness up from where we were to where we are now. And just don’t take this for granted. Because taking our country back, what does that mean? So be aware, and Rev. Jackson, continue and talk to people. We need more voices like yours.

Can the people that were running for local office please pull around and collect up all their signs that’s in the common areas, rental apartments, houses?

I called Sound off about the lady whose money was stolen from the hospital, not the high school. Is anything being done about it? Are they investigating it, or is it just a hush-hush?

How can Long County hire a new EMA director without having designated a pay and compensation package in advance?

Marcus Scott your children don’t even go to liberty county’s school .i cant want intell your term is up..We need someone else for district 5

When the petition about video taping meetings was brought to our BOE, one member said there were “internal issues” and the chair made a canned statement about student achievement. They won’t give an honest answer or do the right thing. These people have got to go!

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