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Sound off June 1

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Can someone please tell me how a student who threatened bodily harm to a teacher can be allowed to return to school at the end of the year? This kid should be arrested and expelled, not allowed back the last week so he doesn’t miss field day.

I am so thankful that they got the Veterans Parkway open from McDonald’s all the way into the base. But it is an eyesore if they don’t come out and cut the grass. It’s looking sort of scrubby here.

We, the United States of America, have never had a communist for president. And a socialist is a communist. Bernie, please get out of the race.

For those of you complaining about the school taxes because you don’t have children in school, just remember these educated children will be able to obtain jobs and pay taxes, which will pay your Social Security. What goes around, comes around.

I’m a resident of the Veterans Parkway corridor. Ever since the road had been completed, which we’re glad to have, the problem is dangerous practices of drivers out here. They’re driving 55 and 60 mph and it presents a danger to everyone on the street. I wish Hinesville PD would look into this. It’s really become a race track.

I wonder why President Obama is so concerned about transgender access to bathrooms. Is he trying to tell us someone about himself? This man is not a Christian.

Look at your property assessment for this year. You will find it is probably up. I live on Isle of Wight and mine went up $3,000. They say it is because of all the new homes coming in property has gone up. We don’t need to vote on a 1 percent increase in your taxes, we need property taxes reduced.

To all the Southerners whose families have lived in the South for hundreds of years, don’t be ashamed of being a Southern, or ashamed that members of your family fought, and in some cases died, for the Confederacy. Don’t let Yankees shame you into not displaying the Confederate battle flag. Be proud, be Southern.

Some members of the school board need to mind their own business and stay out of teachers’ personal and private lives. As I recall, some of you have a few skeletons in your own closets! Remember when one of our current board members was a teacher and had an “incident” with a middle school student?  

A big hand and thank you to the two city workers trying to shovel debris from the storm drains on Kelly Drive during the heavy rain today. It is good to say thanks to these hardworking and wet men.

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