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Sound Off June 22
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Trump banned five news outlets from covering his campaign. The first thing a dictator does is restrict the press and speech. So, is he working on banning the First Amendment? So, Trumper, are you ready for the dictatorship that you’re voting for?

So our high school kids HAVE to get an iPad. We either pay for insurance and/or we have to pay fines in order to receive our child’s end-of-year report card. Even if you get the insurance, you still have fines associated with any damage. Screens break every year because they won’t put good protective cases on them and they won’t let us either but we’re the ones who have to pay for these iPads we didn’t agree to in the first place. Something’s wrong with this picture!

If parapros are so important in the schools. Then why are they made to feel as if they are only there to work bad do what they are told. Their opinions are not with the schools time.

Dr. Lee is saying she is being bullied because Mr. Scott is holding her accountable for her actions. The problem is that Dr. Lee believes she is above being questioned by anyone. I’m so thankful that someone is finally realizing there’s a major problem in our school system. That problem is sitting on the third floor of the board office if she’s not working from home, attending a conference or on vacation. When I think of a bully, I think of Dr. Lee, not Mr. Scott.

Board of Education drama again. Maybe the vicious “hunter” is finally being hunted and caught in a snare that does not feel good. Remember the many employees who were wrongfully bullied and/or dismissed?? It is noteworthy that a board member would want available, relative documents before voting on important issues while behaving respectfully. Maybe the rest should take notice instead of “going along to get along.” What about the children?? Stop the drama — it’s called “transparency”! Ref. Psalms 7:14-16. Let us do good by others — always.

What?! Hold the presses! The Coastal Courier finally wrote an article about the problems in our school system. Please keep the information coming!

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