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Sound Off Sept. 2

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In the article “Ludowici mayor aims to clean up mobile homes” I found it humorous that if you ride by the mobile home pictured, it has no less than five of his campaign signs in front of it and has been an eyesore for the last four years, but now at election time, it’s a “big issue”...what a joke.

Is it true that Midway City Council rejected a plan to have a Wal-Mart in Midway? If it is correct, just think of the jobs and tax receipts the city lost.

I know of two people that need help — the caller complaining about the temperature in the church and the decision-maker at the Courier that published the call!

Will someone remind the parents or grandparents, whoever they are, that the children — to not have their children put their basketball goals out by the street. Too many people think they can play in the street, but that is somebody else’s expense and liability.

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