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Eclipse from a kayak
Fort McAllister sign

Fort McAllister State Park and Fort King Georgia Historic Site are planning paddle trips Monday to observe the eclipse.

The Richmond Hill park rangers will lead a trip to Shark Tooth Island for a day with hot dogs and cold drinks while watching the solar eclipse.

It is the first total solar eclipse visible in America in nearly 40 years, nearly 100 years since one that spans the continent.

From Southeast Georgia, roughly 95 percent of the sun will be obscured.

The trip costs $75 per person and space is limited.

The park is at 3894 Fort McAllister Road, Richmond Hill. Call 912-727-2339 for more information or reservations.

In Darien, the site’s staff will take folks to Butler Island starting at 1 p.m. They’ll be at the island by time the eclipse is at its darkest.

It costs $50. Bring water, snacks and sunscreen. Eye protection will be provided.

The park is at 302 McIntosh Road. Call 912-437-4770 for reservations.

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