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Oscar-winning The Artist proves a good story doesnt need dialogue
Showtime with Sasha
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Here’s a trivia question for you: Which film took home Oscars this year for best picture, best director and best actor?

I’m talking about the little movie that could, “The Artist,” which now is on home video.

This black-and-white, mostly silent film takes place in Hollywood during the late 1920s. It follows George Valentin (Jean Dujardin), a silent-film actor at the height of his career. In contrast, Peppy Miller (Bernice Bejo) is a young actress struggling through auditions.

Fate has the paparazzi photograph the pair when Peppy bumps into George outside a movie premier. The incident launches a media craze.

As the stock market crashes and “talkies” replace silent films, Peppy’s career skyrockets, while George becomes a has-been.

I’m sort of glad I was able to enjoy “The Artist” in my own home. Now, don’t let the word “silent” fool you; there is a fantastic soundtrack and little artistic touches that utilize sound. However, I was so delighted by this spunky piece that I laughed out loud during many sequences, and I may have been the only one chuckling in the quiet of a theater.

Dujardin is marvelous to watch. He’s mesmerizing in his Oscar-winning performance. Likewise, is there any other actress besides Bejo who could’ve balanced him? I can’t think of anyone. Without a word, their characters’ energies and personalities are completely, beautifully communicated. For me, the real thrill of seeing this picture was acknowledging that a good story is good with or without trivial things like, you know, lines.

I’m a fan!

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