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Sound off for Dec. 26
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Editor's note:These statements are from anonymous calls. They do not represent the Courier's opinion. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we cannot verify sources nor their motives.

It’s a shame when a person allows two dogs to be left on a chain without food or shelter. This has been going no for three months. Will someone please rescue these dogs?
Editor: Please provide the location.
In Jesus’ time men and women dressed the same with long, flowing gowns. When did the Christians think it was OK for women to wear dresses that showed their legs? No where in the Bible does it say this?
If you need assistance in Wal-mart, you need to go to the Jesup store where someone will actually help you.
What are the Democrats doing passing a $10 million bill to pay for lawyers for illegal aliens?
Why are the gas prices in Hinesville 10 cents higher than in surrounding communities? Ten cents is totally too much. It’s affecting retirees and the military. Someone needs to ask some questions. I’m going to go to Jack Kingston to get some answers because the city of Hinesville officials don’t care.
I prefer to live in the present, not the past. The past is gone.
For the lady who wants more streetlights put up, if she gets with Georgia Power they will put up as many as she can afford.
I have noticed on more than two accounts where the school bus drivers are allowing children of all ages to go across the street behind the bus instead of in front while the bus has the stop sign out. All ages need to cross in front or not be allowed to ride the bus.

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