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Sound off for Dec. 30
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The following statements are from anonymous phone calls. They do not represent the opinion of the Courier.

This is to the caller who made the comment about the 17-year-old son playing on the high school basketball team. My son also plays for the Bradwell varsity basketball team but every kid in this community can’t play on the high school basketball team because there are just so many slots. There are not enough opportunities for all these kids. ... Seeing as how we don’t, then some of them elect to do things that get them into trouble.
Whatever we do to the terrorists, they can do to us. Remember that.
Barrack Obama, president; Howard Dean, vice president; Colin Powell, secretary of defense; Ron Paul, secretary of state; John Wesley Clarke, national security advisor, Bill Clinton, secretary of finances. New world order, baby.
Hats off to Lowe’s Department Store in Hinesville for their honesty and integrity. My mother, a senior citizen, went shopping the other day and accidentally gave the young lady a $50 bill. But thanks to Lowe’s excellent management team, they were able to correct the error and give her the money back. Job well done.
I have an answer to the garbage pickup being picked up on Monday. I commend the garbage men because they pick up everyday - Christmas, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving. They work year round and they don’t have a day off. But we can.
Kudos to Ernie Walthour. He’s doing a fantastic job down at the St. James Community Center. Thank you Ernie. Way to go. Alright Riceboro, Mrs. Clark, come on let’s see what we can do now to have a good year with the children as the community of Riceboro.

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