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Sound off for Jan. 4
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These statements were phoned in anonymously and do not represent opinions of the Courier. To leave a Sound off call that may be used call 876-3733. 

The Democrats are passing all kinds of laws to give special advantages to illegal aliens. Pay attention. Write to the Democrat who represents you and protest.
Seems to me that every week there’s a “teacher of the year” in the Coastal Courier. Just how many schools do we have in Liberty County?
Wednesday, 26 Dec. 0817 hours in the morning. I was the first one in the county to pay my Liberty County property taxes at the delinquent tax window. Isn’t that kind of neat?
To the person who called in about the Christmas parade being beautiful and that the only thing wrong with it is it should be during the day — it’s illuminated!
I cannot believe Goodwill no longer accepts or sells toys because of the stuff that happened in China, I guess. That’s just ridiculous.
Watching television, it seems like the PETA spokeswoman wants all humans to commit suicide and turn the Earth over to the animals.
As far as the lights for the lady who wants them put up, the Georgia Power person who will come out there and take a look at it is paid strictly commission. So, he’ll put up as many as she or anybody else can afford.

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