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Sound off for Jan. 6
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The following statements were phoned in anonymously. The Courier does not vouch for their veracity.


Where in the Bible does it say it’s OK for the men to wear pants?
When I called saying I had a 17-year-old trying to get into basketball, I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Of course all kids can’t make basketball the team. But there's also the rec. center and other places. I also have a kid that is not doing good at all. He’s in and out of trouble with the law because he chose not to use the various things Hinesville has to offer. So stop making excuses for your kids.
Is the public forum on the search for (school) superintendent going to be the same as the one for the naming of the new stadium? The CEO knew before she asked the public what they were going to call it. The public vote meant nothing. Let’s hope the board can do something honest for a change.
I certainly agree with the lady to put in the Soundoff about the noise ordinance. The city must enforce the noise ordinance. In the communities we live in, the quality of life has deteriorated so bad from the booming bass of automobiles in the neighborhoods and on the city streets. We are running people out of here and when the soldiers get back it will be even worse.
A friend of mine came over when I was finishing writing thank you notes to all my people who gave me Christmas presents. That person said "I have never written thank you notes and I’ve gotten Christmas presents all these years.” I said, “A written thank you means a lot more.” What say you? 

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