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3 glaring flaws you actually want your husband to have
There are some definite red flags out there, but seeing these flaws in your husband is going to make your marriage fantastic. - photo by Emily Cummings
Hey, no ones perfect, but what flaws should you be looking for in a spouse? Whats the line between a deal breaker and a deal maker? While some habits are cues for you to break it off and move on, a few flaws out there deserve to be on your must-have-in-a-husband list.

Take a hard look and see if you are being too quick to judge these flaws as negative; if your Mr. Wonderful has these seemingly imperfect traits, be quick to snatch him up.

Hes entitled

Be careful with this one, because you dont want to be marrying into a world of me, me, me. However, with an entitlement flaw, you know you are marrying someone who doesnt settle. His eyes are always set on the best of the best. Your man wont be happy with things if they are just good enough, and will work towards what truly makes him happy. This mentality applies to all aspects of his life, including his wife. If Mr. Right is a tad entitled, you can know without a doubt you really are the cream of the crop. Make sure this touch of entitlement is paired with hard work and not laziness; that would be something to worry about.

He over-shares

You skip out on communication troubles when you marry a man who is open about his emotions. You wont need to worry about him pretending things are just fine when they really arent. You dont feel the need to poke and prod at the issue, because your husband is an open book. Too much of this flaw means all your secrets are out in the open and you will hear about everything in excruciating detail, but a tendency to over-share will solve a world of communication woes. Be sure your darling over-sharer is respectful and trustful too, and you wont have to deal with the negative aspect of this flaw.

Hes always right

This can cross the line into being boastful and arrogant, but even a smidgeon of this flaw speaks volumes about his intelligence. Being right about everything only means he knows a lot about pretty much everything. It might be frustrating during a discussion, but marrying an encyclopedia of knowledge has its perks. No need to ask for a second opinion, because you know youve got the right answer right by your side. Paired with some humbleness and youre set for life. If youre okay not being able to surprise him with a tidbit of information, then go ahead and marry that know-it-all.

Theres a careful balance of what makes these flaws hidden gems in your partner. You know yourself best, so consider how well you would actually work with someone who is always right or feels the need to tell you whats really going on in his head.

Do be careful to notice if any of his traits are abusive or destructive in any way; A marriage will teach you to learn to love and live with quirks, but you should never live where abuse and destructive behavior is present. While your pointing out flaws in your beloved, just remember that no one is perfect and that seemingly annoying habit of your love never settling on the perfect ice cream combination might actually be a flaw you come to adore.
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