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4 things your wife needs to feel from you
If you want to make your wife happy but don't know how, read on. - photo by Denhi Chaney
Its been said that women are more complex than men, and in many ways, I have to admit that it's true. However, both women and men have needs regardless of how they convey them. It is important that every husband understands this. I've seen too many husbands in my therapy room who are surprised when I say that his wife has emotional needs that arent difficult to fill. But its true; many things your wife needs arent complicated, and you dont need to spend money to give them to her. Actually, women value things that are simple but from the heart most.

The reality is that many husbands feel overwhelmed by the thought of the emotional needs of their wives, because they feel they dont understand their needs and are unable to fulfill them. I want to show you that it's easier than you think, and that fulfilling your wife's needs will not only make a great difference in the quality of your marriage, but also in the way she fulfills your needs.

Here's what your wife needs to both hear and feel from you:

1. That you appreciate her

As a wife and mother I can tell you that the amount of things we do in one day is amazing. So one of the most important things you need to remember is that she needs to feel that you appreciate everything she does, even if you feel she's just fulfilling her responsibilities. Take note of what she does during the day and tell her often that you appreciate what she does, from washing the dishes to preparing food -- everything counts.

2. That she is beautiful

Time and the natural consequences of becoming mothers can make us feel a little insecure about the way we look. It is essential that you remind her that she is always beautiful to you. Tell her specifically what you like about her, and don't forget to tell her how good she looks when it's obvious that she spent more time in front of the mirror to look good for you.

3. That you admire her

It is very important for your wife to know that you admire her and that you're proud of her. This is essential because women can come to feel that what we do is unimportant. However, when you say you admire what she does and you're proud of it, she will realize that what she does is worthwhile and significant.

4. That you love her

Above all, your wife needs to feel your love. Take time to find out the things you do that make her feel loved. Once you find out, do them often without her asking you to.

It doesnt need to be difficult to please your wife and make her feel that she is everything to you. Try to follow these recommendations and see the difference not only in the love she feels for you, but also the love you have for her.

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