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Have You Seen This? A skunk will ruin your day
Sometimes you take a walk outside and sometimes something immediately forces you back inside. This guy got a whole heaping helping of the latter. - photo by John Clyde

NOPESVILLE One Saturday when I was 17, I was excited about a date I was going on that night.

I wasn't exactly popular in high school, especially with the opposite sex, so a date was a very big deal. Anyway, I was driving home before the date when I ran over a dead animal on accident. I didn't see the poor dead critter until it was too late. I felt terrible.

About 20 seconds after the incident, I started to notice a smell. Turns out that carcass belonged to a skunk. So while I unintentionally mutilated the deceased animal, it had the last laugh because that smell was something next level.

I went home and washed my car. Then I took it to a car wash. After that, I ran it through a gas station wash. The smell was still very distinct and strong. I washed it yet again and then loaded the interior with Febreeze, dryer sheets and car fresheners. After hours of this, I thought the smell had finally dissipated and I was ready for my date.

I picked the girl up, opened her car door and then got in myself. The first words out of her mouth "What's the smell?" The skunk funk was not gone, I had just grown accustomed to it. The girl said she would drive and the rest of the night was a tad awkward.

I tell this story because it's the reason why I don't judge the guy in this video one little bit. The fact that he panics and bolts back inside after seeing a bunch of skunks is totally understandable, considering the smell and social destruction that will follow an encounter with a skunk.

I'm happy this guy escaped my fate. Let this be a lesson to all of us: Stay away from skunks. Just let them do their thing from a very safe distance.
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