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The Clean Cut: New Star Wars film to be released Dec. 16
The latest entry in the Star Wars franchise is a spinoff called "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story." - photo by Kelsey Schwab
This December, hope lies in rebellion, read a tweet from the Star Wars official Twitter account.

A trailer for the newest addition to the Star Wars saga, "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," was uploaded yesterday on YouTube. The film is set to be released Dec. 16.

The events of story, which has been referred to as a spin-off, will take place before those of the 1977 original film, "Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope."

In A New Hope, Princess Leia hides the plans to destroy the superweapon, the Death Star, inside her droid, R2-D2. Rogue One will follow the team of rebel fighters as they attempt to find the plans for the Death Star, read an article by Tech Insider about the upcoming film.

The main character, played by Felicity Jones, is the leader of the team, and there is a lot of speculation about how she fits into the Star Wars universe. However, even if the viewer has never seen a single Star Wars movie, the film will be easy to follow.

Story wise, Rogue One connects directly with the original film. You won't need to watch the original film or even the latest movie, The Force Awakens, in order to follow along with this film, according to Tech Insider.

Its about the humanity of it, which just makes the whole thing so real, said one of the upcoming films actors in a behind the scenes video.

Watch the trailer on YouTube here.
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