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The perfect recipe for keeping your marriage delicious
You love cake. You love your spouse. Turns out the two have so much in common. - photo by Emily Cummings
The more you think about it, the more love and cake have in common. Love is an universal emotion, sort of like how everyone loves cake. Okay, maybe thats not the perfect example, but hear me out. Love is very similar to those iced layer cakes.

Both are found at weddings, both bring happiness, and both will fail without a recipe. There are going to be issues with the cake if the baker doesnt follow the recipe just like how love will fail if this recipe is abandoned.

Keep these ingredients in stock at all times to make sure your marriage is as beautiful as the cake you had at the wedding.

Measure ingredients carefully

There are certain things you do when baking a cake. Dont add ingredients in too fast, dont follow things out of order, and measure your ingredients carefully. Just like baking, there are things you do and dont do when married; Dont let your eyes wander. The both of you arent going to have your looks forever, but dont stop trying to find the beauty in your relationship no matter your ages. Dont throw away your marriage for frivolous endeavors, like affairs or pornography.

Stir in heaping cups of gratefulness

This is a very important ingredient to have on hand in the marriage pantry. If you forget to say thank you for the little things in life, those acts of service will slowly melt awaylike icing on a hot day. When your husband does this, or you wife does that, say thank you. Say thank you for the things that dont necessarily need a thank you. Say thank you when hes least expecting it. Tell her thank you in 17 different ways. There really cant be too much gratitude thrown into the recipe of marriage.

Add a dash of romance

I dont mean coming home with roses every day (though that does count as romantic). Send her a formal invitation to a casual night with Netflix. Hide a scribbled I love you on a post-it note. The bulk of a cake isnt built up with things like baking powder, but that cake will fail without that leavener. Just like marriage, this recipe needs a dash of romance to keep things alive.

Bake at 350 degrees

Compromise is a huge part of any relationship. You cant let your emotions run amok, and you cant live a selfish life. You and your spouse are going to have different opinions, but your end goals should align. Yes, there will be little things that may put a few roadblocks in your way, but you both are working to put that cake in the oven. Make sure your communication is crystal clear so you both know you are working towards the same goal.

Let it cool before icing

Let things cool off before picking up a discussion. Troubles are going to come along in your marriage; that is normal. Though some fighting may be normal, that is no excuse to use heated words, insults, or act childishly. There are many ways to solve a conflict, but violence is never the answer. If you are feeling heated and out of control, take a break and cool off. Have discussion in a calm manner to avoid hurting your spouse physically or emotionally.

Dont over-decorate

Money is going to be a concern in your relationship, so talk about finances frequently. You are both going to need to be on the same page when it comes to spending. Dont let a bad investment cost you your marriage. Dont spend more than you have, dont buy things you dont need, and dont get into debt. A happy marriage doesnt have to be an expensive one.

Try it with ice cream

If you like, you can stay in your comfort zone and never feel uncomfortablebut wheres the fun in that? When you decide to pursue a dream, you might find happiness you and your spouse didnt think you could have. Dont shut out new opportunities or chances to be more adventurous. Be vulnerable; dont be afraid to tell your spouse your wildest dreams. You might not think you like red velvet cake, but you never know until you try it.

If you love your partner, follow this recipe. Youd hate to see something so lovely topple over.
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