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'The Walk': 3 points for parents
(L to R) Barry Greenhouse (Steve Valentine), David (Benedict Samuel), Jeff (Cesar Domboy), Annie (Charlotte Le Bon), Jean Pierre (James Badge Dale), Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Jean Louis (Clement Sibony) and Albert (Ben Schwartz) in The Walk." - photo by Shawn O'Neill
Information for parents about the film "The Walk":

Intensity: Dangerous stunts are portrayed at dizzying heights, especially in IMAX. Some scenes of hallucinating and being obsessive. Images of a man falling down an elevator shaft. A man nearly falls from a wire in a circus tent. A character sees himself nailing the lid on his own coffin.

Language: Some uses of profanity, increasing as the movie moves along.

Nudity/drugs: A man strips down to feel a fishing line he is trying to find. A man gets out of bed seemingly naked. Some social drinking, none to excess. Some smoking, possibility of drugs.
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