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Trivia contest for Georgia Cities Week
Courier site adding contests
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Go to the contest welcome page for details how to enter.
What historical structure was built in the city of Hinesville in 1839?
What year was the Bradwell Park officially dedicated to the city?
If you think you know the answers to these questions, then maybe you should play the Coastal Courier’s Georgia Cities Week trivia contest at
If you don’t know the answers, there’s still incentive to log on, according to Coastal Courier advertising representative Connie Parker.
“Anyone can play,” she said, “and anyone can win.”
According to Parker, during the week of April 19-26, contestants will be able to go to the Courier’s Web site and compete in a fun, interactive trivia contest that is guaranteed to make every player an amateur Hinesville historian.
“The city holds the answers to all the questions,” she said. “Our hope is that people will come downtown and look for clues … all while learning about the city they live in.”
Cities across Georgia will celebrate their communities’ unique characteristics during the week. This year’s theme is “A Story to Tell.”  
Vicki Davis, director of the Hinesville downtown development authority, said the context of the Coastal Courier’s Georgia Cities Week’s trivia contest is the perfect fit for the Georgia Cities Week theme.
“Everything about downtown development builds on the city’s history, from its buildings, its businesses, to the people and the social life,” she said. “It is extremely important the community does not lose touch with the city’s history and the stories that have been told here.”
“The Courier’s sponsorship is also relevant because those stories have been told by Courier and prior to that, the Hinesville Gazette,” she added.
A list of trivia questions will be available at the Coastal Courier and at various events taking place during Georgia Cities Week.
However, all responses must be submitted online.
“We want them to be able to take the list and go around the city looking for clues,” Parker said.
Cynthia Barnes, advertising director for the Coastal Courier, said she hopes everyone will participate.
“We’re excited that, the community’s No. 1 Web site, provides a platform for this fun and interactive way to learn more about Hinesville’s story. At the same time, it’s giving local businesses a unique opportunity to reach the participants as a sponsor,” Barnes said.
Winners of the contest will be announced April 29.
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