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80th Anniversary of Flemington’s City Charter
Flemington City Hall
Flemington City Hall is on Old Sunbury Road. - photo by File photo

Flemington, GA – Thursday, February 18, 2021, marks the 80th anniversary of Flemington’s City Charter. To celebrate this wonderful Liberty County city, we must first learn the history of how Flemington came to be.

The plantation owners in the Midway district began early to establish summer homes in what they termed “pine lands,” on higher and healthier ground about ten to fifteen miles from the swamps where they had originally settled for the culture of rice.

And around 1815, William Fleming did just that. He surveyed a tract of unsettled land ten miles west of Midway for a summer home which he named Gravel Hill. Selecting a parcel for himself, he gifted the remaining lots to several of his friends, including John Osgood, Oliver Stevens, Peter Early Winn, Major John Bacon and Joseph Norman. Gradually, the summer homes became more permanent. By 1850, it was voted to change the name of the retreat from Gravel Hill to Flemington, in honor of William Fleming. From there churches, schools and homes began to emerge on what was Old Sunbury Road, but now is Old Savannah Road.

The current Mayor of Flemington is Mayor Paul Hawkins. His Council includes Mayor Pro Tem Palmer Dasher, Councilman Hasit Patel, Councilman David Edwards, Councilwoman Gail Evans, Councilwoman Rene Harwell and Councilwoman Leigh Smiley.


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